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The Māori tattoo, or Tā moko, is a time-honored form of body art deeply rooted in the Māori cultural heritage. This intricate and symbolic method of skin marking conveys individual identity, genealogy, social standing, and mana


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Māori graphic art is a vibrant and diverse field that showcases the creativity and cultural heritage of the Māori people of New Zealand. This art form encompasses traditional and contemporary styles that reflect Māori stories, legends, and cultural beliefs.


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The term "Kowhaiwhai" refers to the scroll-like patterns used to decorate, the rafters panels that adorn the interior of traditional Māori meeting houses (wharenui). The tradition of kowhaiwhai has a rich history in Māori culture, dating back many generations.


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Within Māori culture is a wealth of history, tradition and symbolic meaning, When transformed into a logo these designs are embued with cultural significance, making them a unique and fitting choice for companies striving to communicate authenticity through their branding.


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Located in Fairfield College Community Marae, Te Aratiatia, Hamilton are Heke tipi, made from particle board. Heke tipi are extentions to the Heke that run down the wall. Each piece is cut out forming three layers made up of thousands of small parts meticulously painted by hand and then laminated.


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The interweaving of leadlight windows and Māori design constitutes a unique and captivating fusion, a testament to the intricate beauty and rich cultural heritage of these two art forms.


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The Māori Arts website was first launched in the year 2000 with the theme of Taking Māori Arts to the world. Stay tuned for more info.


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