Māori Graphic Art

Māori graphic art and design allow artists and designers to tell their unique stories by showcasing images and media combining Māori creativity and cultural heritage while embraces the use of digital technology.


This modern method of creativity combines traditional and contemporary styles and out puts them into the digital world, while reflecting Māori motif, symbols, stories, legends, and cultural beliefs with new ways to create and produce digital products .


The roots of Māori graphic art lie in traditional Māori arts such as tā moko, whakairo, and tukutuku, featuring time honored classical designs and styles that are both intricate, beautiful and meaningful with many contemporary Māori artists drawing inspiration from traditional Māori imagery and themes pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Māori graphic art.



Māori graphic art showcasing the many variaties of designs using contemporary and traditional Māori design styles to create Māori styled animals, birds, fish, insects and more.

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