About Tiki

About Tiki

Tainui te waka Houtere te maunga Ōraka te awa Ngāti Raukawa te iwi Ngāti Ahuru te hapū Ngātira te marae

Tainui te waka Karioi te maunga Aotea te awa Waikato te iwi Ngāti Te Wehi te hapū Ōkapu te marae

Quinton Tiki O'Brien

Māori Multimedia Artist

Tiki O’Brien is a Māori Multimedia Artist with a wide range of skills and experience developed over 35 years in graphic design, desktop publishing, illustration, website design, videography, photography , music, audio and drone piloting working in the arts, corporate, community and education as a freelance Multimedia Artist.

Indigenous Copyright Protection Tiki is an advocate to the protection of intellectual copyright of the culture and designs of indigenous peoples and has had direct experience in litigation in regards to trademarks, intellectual property and copyright. I know what its like 'says Tiki' . GO HERE

Watch video of Marae opening in 1995 GOHERE

The Beginning Tiki began as a 15 year old student of Fairfield College dedicating 10 years fulltime from 1985 - 1995 to a carving project under the tutelage of master carver Professor Kereti Rautangata. Te Aratiatia marae is situated in Hamilton and was created for the Fairfield community. Te Ihorangi is the name of the wharenui.

Tiki's major contribution was the design and painting of the heke, kowhaiwhai and tāhuhu panels, various carvings, design and construction of the front, back doors and right side stain glass windows, painting and staining on carvings interior and exterior.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa - Tiki worked at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in the corporate services marketing team head office, Te Awamutu from 1999 - 2006 as senior graphic designer developing print and digital media , education resources for, merchandise, advertising and recruitment.

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa experienced phenomenal growth during the early 2000s (from 3,127 students in 2000 to 66,756 students in 2004) and quickly become the largest tertiary education institution in the country.

Tā Moko Design - Tiki Obrien is recognised as a leader in his field with a strong conviction to Polynesian, Māori arts and design. Tiki's design work is highly sort after and in demand attracting people from all over the world who recognise his unique talent as an artist through his depth of understanding and knowledge of Māori arts and design.

Artist With A Cause - Tiki enjoys kapahaka, playing his guitar and singing a tune as well as riding his Harley Davidson. Tiki is one of the original founders of Tribal Nations Motorcycle Club, a non gang social motorcycle whānau that campaigns against violence, abuse and suicide.

Tiki is also a White Ribbon rider and a supporter of Green Ribbon RATS Nation (Riders Against Teen Suicide) and uses his skills and experience as a multimedia Artist to market and promote the clubs activities.

Tiki O'Brien