Logo Designs

Within Māori culture is a wealth of history, tradition and symbolic meaning, When transformed into a logo these designs are embued with cultural significance, making them a unique and fitting choice for companies striving to communicate authenticity through their branding. By incorporating Maori designs into their logos and marketing materials, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors, creating a distinctive and memorable visual identity,


Boasting a long, rich history that spans thousands of years. Māori designs play a crucial role in New Zealand culture used to narrate stories, honour ancestors, and express spiritual and cultural beliefs. Featuring intricate patterns and symbols, these designs embody both beauty and significance. One of the most well-known Māori design symbols is the koru - a spiral-shaped emblem that symbolizes new beginnings, growth and the progression of life.


Other frequently seen symbols is the tiki, hei mātau and manaia. These symbols, and others, are commonly woven into Māori logo designs, infusing them with deep cultural meaning. In today's branding and marketing, the utilization of Maori designs is a way for companies to connect with consumers and pay homage to the Māori culture.


However, it's imperative for companies to manage Māori designs with cultural sensitivity. This includes obtaining permission, consulting with Māori experts to guarantee the designs accurately depict the meaning. Moreover, companies must be cautious to avoid cultural appropriation, which involves the utilization of cultural elements without proper understanding or respect for the culture.


The use of Māori logos and imagery in the commercial world, councils, and in government departments has come along way since I started in the 1980's. as a way to showcase New Zealand's cultural identity and appeal to consumers domestic and abroard.

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