Lead light Windows

The interweaving of leadlight windows and Māori design constitutes a unique and captivating fusion, a testament to the intricate beauty and rich cultural heritage of these two art forms.


Leadlight windows, crafted from pieces of colored glass held together by lead, are regarded as works of art, renowned for their intricate designs, radiant beauty, and the mastery of craftsmanship that goes into their creation.


From homes and public buildings to places of worship, leadlight windows can be found in a multitude of settings, elevating the atmosphere with their hues and intricate details, while providing privacy and regulating the amount of light that enters a room.


Take the leadlight windows of Fairfield College Community Marae in Te Aratiatia, Hamilton, for example. Here, the fusion of Māori abstract symbols, patterns, and figurative elements with leadlight windows produces an exceptional display of creativity and artistic skill.


Safely housed within the window frames, these windows are protected from the elements, showcasing the magnificent designs for all to admire.


Traditional lead light windows Fairfield College Community Marae in Hamilton.

Designed and constructed 1993 - 1994

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