Tiki and Eru break out with a Māori action song to the tamariki.

Eru doing what he knows best, story telling while capturing the childrens attention.

Tiki with a group of tamariki shows off his strike a pose style. What a crack up.

Tiki, Blair and Eru . The three omigo's together.


Eru speaking to a large crowd in Christchurch after finishing the ride.

Made famous from the Waikato. Eru and Tiki perform the Haka .

Eru, Collin and Tiki featured in Living The Dream, Kiwi bikers. In book stores nation wide.

Eru on his faithfull old lady Softail Heritage, having done thousands of miles

Tiki and Eru taking time out doing the Get on Up move by the lake.

Tiki and Eru, doing what they do best, performing to the crowd.

South Island White Ribbon Riders at Haast school.


Tiki teaches new moves as school children get involved in learning the biker haka