About Tiki & Edu


Welcome to our show. Firstly Eru’s name is pronounced Edu in Māori. Thus The Tiki and Edu Biker Show was named.

Artist and a truckie from Tainui. Tiki O’Brien and Eru Whare are two Māori fulla’s. As motorcycle enthusiasts, they ride to meet people, and experience New Zealand like real bikers do with a quest to campaign against all forms of violence, abuse and suicide. The dynamic duo, first got together in 2013 and started recording their journey which lead to the creation of The Tiki & Edu biker show bringing with them their own unique brand of Māori comedy but with a serious message.


Tiki OBrien

Māori Artist, biker, party singer and Māori guitar strummer, www.tikiobrien.com Tiki has a passion for Māori arts and works as a free lance artist in the creative arts industry. Tiki is a member and one of the original founders of Tribal Nations MC, www.tribalnations.org.nz a social motorcycle club that also campaigns against violence, abuse and suicide. He is also a white ribbon rider and a supporter of Green Ribbon RATS Nation (Riders Against teen Suicide www.rats.website)


“ I have always wanted to combine my creative talents and love of riding motorcycles with supporting the community around what is a crippling epidemic in New Zealand, violence, abuse and suicide. The Tiki and Edu show gives me another creative outlet I enjoy very much” Say’s Tiki.


Eru Whare

Funny fulla, biker and truckie. Eru Whare is well known throughout the biker world as one of the best riders and road captains in New Zealand, you never get lost following this fulla. Edu's passion for motorcycling stems from his desire to get right up close to nature and feel the freedom while riding for a good cause.


“ Whenever me and Tiki go out on the road , I am reminded of the awesome beauty of our country and appreciate what life has given to us that we may give life to others.

How can you help

We appreciate any help given to allow us to get out on the road, attend important events, schools and organisations and spread the word. Show your support by purchasing one of our sweatshirts on our merchandise page or by sponsoring us. Follow our videos on facebook and you tube, comment like and share.