Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

The Tiki  and Edu  duo are two Māori guys who travel the country spreading the word against violence, abuse and suicide supporting a wide network of  social  and kaupapa driven clubs and organizations in New Zealand.
Why do you do this?
Laughing is the best healing medicine. We enjoy giving back to our communities in a way that allows us as fathers, uncles, brothers can do in a fun way with an important and serious message especially to our young Māori  boy’s and girls by being a role model in their eyes.

What is unique about you?
Imagine two ugly Māori fulla’s dressed in leathers, rock up on their loud bikes. One pulls out a ukulele, sings like an angel and the other starts to dance and prance around with a huge smile on his face with a message of hope. Not exactly what you would expect. But with all the world media influencing our children today we need something uniquely Aotearoa to attract our kids for at least the first three minutes.
How do you address suicide?
Suicide is a serious issue one that we both are very clear that we do not have the expertise in this area. For safety we stick to our planned version of how important friendship and relationships are.

Can you come to our school ?

Yes, however we cannot attend every school  and it is best that it works within our schedule. Basically we would like to go to as many places as possible. But the demands of work, family  and  other commitments makes it difficult to do.
What would allow you to go to more places?
Simply funding and support  is what would help.
What is the White Ribbon Ride?
The White Ribbon Ride is the brain child of the legendary Super Māori Fullas and  is one of the most exciting initiatives tackling this country’s crippling domestic violence. It’s a weeklong motorcycle tour every November  during  White Ribbon Month held throughout New Zealand. The White Ribbon involves a group of motorcyclists women and men visiting schools, prisons, organized event in towns and cities spreading the word about domestic violence.
Eru has been involved in the South Island White Ribbon Ride since 2010 with Tiki joining in 2013. Both make the treacherous  journey to Te Waipounamu every year  to complete the South Island leg and back again to the Waikato. These trips have been documented extensively on the official White Ribbon website. Please see link.

What is the South Island white Ribbon Ride?

The South Island is one of the longest  and most demanding out of all the White Ribbon ride event’s in New Zealand and is very challenging but exciting.
Do you attend other rides and events besides the White Ribbon?
Yes between the two of us, There is the Green Ribbon RATS event’s, light in the dark, Ngāti for life  or any other community initiatives around domestic violence and suicide.

How can we support you?
There are many ways you can support us. Go to the support page on this website..
Are you paid to attend?
No. All costs such as petrol, bike maintenance food etc  is born on each rider. It means having  to take time from work and being away from family.