Questions and Answers


Welcome to the Q&A page

How long have you been a Multimedia Artist and explain what you do?
I have accumilated over 35 years experience as an artist and designer in multiple proffesional fields in the areas of digital, print, audio, visual and interactive media.

How and where did you learn your craft?
No formal training, self taught as a secondary school student at Aratiatia Marae, Fairfiled College Hamilton under the tutelege of Master Carver Proffessor Kereti Rautangata.

What tools do you use?
Industry standard graphics and editing tools like Adobe photoshop, illustrator, SLR and video digital cameras with proffessional editing computers, DJI drones and gopro cams.

You design Tā moko (Māori tattoo designs) can you explain how this works?
Create and provide artwork ready tattoo designs customised to the needs of each client. All artwork is emailed to you or your Tattoo Artist.

What are the benefits?
The convenience of getting a personalised Māori tattoo, design or logo created and sent to you on file to your email address from any where in the world.

What information do you require from me to make my project a success?
Every person, organisation and business is unique and so every project is different. We can discuss at length what your needs and requirements are. There is ongoing communication between myself and the client.

How do I receive my product ?
You will recieve your product via download link, email or on memory card.
For tattoo designs, you will receive the blue prints (original art work) which can be printed, saved on memory card, taken to your tattoo artist or printer copy shop. Every effort is made to ensure your provider is given the correct files and or information to help when applying your design.

Can my provider make changes to my design ?
Yes. Some designs may require certain adjustments. You and your tattoo artist or service provider have full creative licenses to make these changes.

Can I use my product as my business logo?

In the initial stages of conversation we need to make clear for what intent and purpose it wil be used for example, a tattoo, a buiness logo, a t-shirt design etc.

Can I use my design or artwork for commercial purposes?
If you are wanting to use your design, artwork, product for commercial purposes you will require a commercial license. This may be discussed further.

I want to add to what I already have?
Yes. Simply send good quality digital images. Your design will be carefully looked at and a response sent to you to determine what can be done.

Turn around or completion time depends on size of project
Some projects depending on size can be 7-14 days or months depending on project this is subject to general workload volumes.