Questions and Answers


Q: What do you need from me ?

A: Every design is created based on the information you provide such as personal profile, interests, important events and experiences in your life. If it is for a Tattoo design or Tā moko please be more specific about the area where you would like to have your tattoo placed. For example Full sleeve, half sleeve, lower leg upper leg full shoulder deltoids

Q: How do you go about creating my tattoo design?

A: You provide information about yourself, your goals, dreams and aspirations. This is the basis of your design. Often clients already have an idea or concept that they would like incorporated in to their design. Some people will even send us images of them selves showing exactly the area where they would like their design to be placed or images of the type of designs they have seen on the internet to give a better idea of what they are looking for. Any thing you send will help. As soon as your information is received you will be emailed a quote based on the estimated time it will take to prepare, design and complete the art work for you. Payment is made up front and then the project begins.

Q: I already have a tattoo.

A: I want to add to it. Do you offer this service? Yes. Simply send good quality digital images. Your tattoo design will be carefully looked at and a response sent to you to determine whether it can be done.

Q: Can I send images ?

A: Feel free to Send good quality photos, images or links to websites featuring artword and or tattoo designs you like. They will not be copied but used to get an idea of the style you like, also you can send pictures of your actual body showing where you would like to have your design placed.

Q: Is it offensive for a foreigner to wear a māori tattoo?

A: Wearing a Māori tattoo, also known as a "tā moko" or "moko," as a foreigner is fine in fact many non māori wear them in New Zealand but can be considered culturally insensitive and offensive if not done with proper understanding, respect, and consent. Māori tattoos are a significant and sacred aspect of Māori culture in New Zealand, and they hold deep cultural and spiritual meanings.

Here are some key considerations:

Cultural Respect: Māori tattoos are not just an art form but a representation of an individual's identity, heritage, and lineage. It's important to approach Māori culture with respect and a willingness to learn about its significance. Permission and Understanding: Before getting a Māori tattoo or displaying one, it is crucial to seek permission from the Māori community and work closely with a knowledgeable and culturally sensitive tattoo artist who understands the traditions and meanings behind the design. This ensures that the tattoo is created with the proper cultural understanding and respect.

Avoid Imitation: Appropriating or imitating Māori tattoos without the appropriate cultural knowledge can be offensive and disrespectful.

Cultural Education: Take the time to educate yourself about Māori culture, its history, and the meanings behind their tattoos. Understanding the significance of what you are wearing is crucial to showing respect.

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of how you display your tattoo. For example, it's not appropriate to expose a Māori tattoo in places or situations where it might not be culturally sensitive, such as sacred or religious sites. Ultimately, the key is to approach Māori culture with respect, humility, and a genuine desire to learn and understand. If you are considering getting a Māori tattoo or wearing one, it's essential to consult with Māori cultural experts and artists who can guide you through the process and ensure that it is done in a culturally appropriate way.

Q:Turn Around or Completion time

A: Turn around time is 7-14 days Note this is subject to general workload volumes. If any case you will be contacted if it will take longer. As soon aspayment is confirmed you will receive a tentative date for when you should expect to receive your art files.

Q:How do I pay?

A: There are three methods of payment:

Payment option One Credit Card You will receive an email from PayPal giving you instructions of how to go about making payments online with a credit card.

Payment option Two Strip You will be sent information on how to make payment using strip using your credit card.

Payment option Three NZ Bank account New Zealand Bank account (for NZ residents only)

Q: Can I make changes to my design?

A: Yes Some designs for tattooing may require certain adjustments for size and fit. You and your tattoo artist have full creative licenses to make these changes.

Q: Can I use my design as a logo?

A: No. Unless you specifically asked for Logo design.

Q: Can I use my design to print thousands of T-Shirts?

A: No. For personal use only.

Q:Can my tattoo artist take a photo of my artwork and put it up on the internet?

A: Caution! Your tattoo artist derives their main income from tattooing and relies on your work being shown. If you do not want people to copy your design which they will, we recomend not to have your tattoo photographed.

Q:Can I sell copies of my design?

No. They are not for re-sale.

Q: What is the core essense of your art, and what do you hope to achieve?

A: In essence I can only claim ownership to how I brand my art but not to the art it self, because it belongs to everyone. I realise I am just an empty canvas, a vessel from which a puna (spring) of creative energy flows and one day it will cease. If what I can offer will make you happy, transform, enlighten, give you meaning, and purpose in life, I have achieved with my art.