Designing a product is a collaborative process that involves both you and me Communication, clear expectations, and regular feedback are crucial to the success of our project.

The process of designing typically involves the following steps:

  1. Contact: This stage requires I gain a thorough and clear understanding of your creative needs from the information you give me.

  2. Briefing: I will develop a brief that outlines the objectives, costs, and goals, the brief will include any specific requirements particular to your project.

  3. Development: As soon as you agree for me to go ahead after a few tweaks and changes, I will set out and lay the initial foundation stones necessary to kick your project into gear.

  4. Refinement: Here is where we get to review the initial concept and further refine if necessary paying close attention to details, layout, colour, and spacing depending on nature of project.

  5. Presentation: At this stage I will present the refined and finish concept to you gather feedback. Make any necessary revisions based on our feedback.

  6. Finalization: Once the final product has been agreed upon, I will prepare the final files in various formats and sizes for use in your applications to print ready standard

  7. Implementing the design: The final product, if a design, will be sent to you or to your service provider of choice with accompanying artwork and supportive documents.