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Get your own Maori Tribal Tattoo Design

Questions & Answers


Every design is created based on the information you provide such as personal profile, interests, important events and experiences in your life.

Be more specific about the area where you would like to have your tattoo placed. For example Full sleeve, half sleeve, lower leg upper leg full shoulder deltoids. The following GOHERE link will give you a better idea of the placement of design. (example only)

Send images or links to websites featuring tattoo designs you like. They will not be copied but used to get an idea of the style you like.

Send pictures of your actual body showing where you would like to have your design placed.


To make your design enquiry please select the following contact button


Do you do the tattoo work or inking?

Do you create other tattoo art styles?

What information do you need to make my design?
It is up to you what you would like to incorporate in your design. It could be family, friends, love ones, important events and experiences in your life. A new path way, strength, health, healing. Every person is unique and so every design will be different.

What if I am not satisfied with my design?
We have a 99% customer satisfaction based upon our customers seeing their design for the first time. We are more than happy to make changes tweaks or re- design which is included in the price.

What garrentee do I have?
We offer a 100% money back garrentee through Paypal dispute and resolution center. If you are not satisfied with your design or our service. Please contact us first so we can work with you to solve the situation before this happens.

Are you Experts?
Expert means you don't have to go through all the years of learning, knowledge and understanding in Maori arts and design. We have already done this for you.This is why you use an expert and is what you pay for besides the design itself. You are free to get your design created by some one who is not an expert. Warning, You get what you pay for.

I dont know anything about the symbols. Do you have examples I can see, i want to pick which ones to use?
Although you may be familiar with the meanings of some symbols like the Hei Matau, or the Tiki and can relate to them. To make a long story short it is best you provide your personal information and we will do all the interpretation and chose the symbols to go with your meaning. The idea that there is a smorgasbord of symbols to pick and chose is not how a Maori design is made.

I am trying to design my own Maori tattoo can you help me?
Learning how to design a genuine Maori tattoo is like learning a new language. Most designers are cut and paste artists, some have good drawing skills. Knowlege and understanding of Maori arts and Culture is an advantage and can help but may not guarantee the results you need. In short, If you are not an artist, not good at drawing, most importantly lack the fundamentals leave it to the experts.

Can I show you images or links to websites showing Maori designs I like?
Yes you can. We will not copy the designs, but this will give us a better idea of the style or flavour you want in your Tattoo.

Can I see my design before I make payment?
No. Strictly payment up front before start of project. We use to allow people to view their designs first before payment. We did not hear from them again only to find a photo of them wearing our designs. Our designs are unique and easy to pick out.

Can I see other clients work ?
No. As a rule we protect their copy and privacy rights as well as yours, which means we will not give away, share or distribute information including the showing of designs to other's with out permission. We use to allow people to view clients designs only to find they were copying them.

We do not have Maori tattoo artists in my country, but I want a genuine Maori design. Is it ok to have your design inked in my country?
Absolutely yes. This is the reason the tikitat.com website was set up, so people can feel safe by wearing a genuine Maori design from New Zealand on their skin.

I do not trust sending money over sea's. What can I do?
Keep your money and go else where.

When do I contact my tattoo artist?
As soon a you have the art work and changes or tweaks have been completted.

Do I get to see versions of draft designs or is what I get the final product?
There are no versions. We work on each design as a one off art work based on the information you give us.

What do I do when I get my designs?
You will receive the blue prints (original art work) which can be printed, saved on memory card, taken to your tattoo artist or printer copy shop. As soon as your tattoo artist receives the files he or she can let you know the next step. Every effort is made to insure your tattoo provider is given the correct information such as the appropriate images to help with applying your design.

How do I get my design?
We will send your art files as an attachment in your email address in what is called a zip file. This allows us to send many files at once.

Why should I come to you?

- We specializing in Maori tribal tattoo and design .

- Genuine and authentic design work all the way from Aotearoa, New Zealand, the birth place of Maori arts and Ta Moko.

- Over 20 years experience.

- You will receive a design that is culturally sensitive and safe to wear with a real meaning, not a tourist version

- A professional service.

- Finally, who best to talk to about getting a Maori tattoo design by speaking to a Maori tattoo designer.

Can I make changes to my design?
Yes Some designs for tattooing may require certain adjustments for size and fit. You and your tattoo artist have full creative licenses to make these changes.

Can I use my design as a logo?
No. Unless you specifically asked for Logo design.

Can I use my design to print thousands of T-Shirts?
No. For personal use only.

Can my tattoo artist take a photo of my artwork and put it up on the internet?
Caution! Your tattoo artist derives their main income from tattooing and relies on your work being shown. If you do not want people to copy your design which they will, we recomend not to have your tattoo photographed.

Can I sell copies of my design?
No. They are not for re-sale. .

Is it ok for a person who is not a Maori to get a Maori tattoo.
Yes it is absolutely ok for a person who is not a Maori to get a Maori tattoo. You are getting the legit deal, a design you can be proud to wear anywhere you go. When people ask what your tattoo means you will not be embarrassed or feel inadequate when you surprise them with your knowledge of your story this is what we give you that no tattoo parlor can do any where in the world.

Is it disrespectful for non Maori to wear a Maori tattoo.
Designs worn by non Maori fall into three catagories. Inspired designs, copies or genuine. The first two are usually made by those who do not know the meanings, there for they take parts from other designs. (Cut and paste) or straight out copy the entire design. This tends to show disrespect. If you are getting a Maori design from us it is genuine because we take your story and create your design. We understand the language and are fluent in Maori symbols and designs.

How do you go about creating my tattoo design?
You provide us with information about yourself, your goals, dreams and aspirations. This is the basis of your design. Often clients already have an idea or concept that they would like incorporated in to their design.

Some people will even send us images of them selves showing exactly the area where they would like their design to be placed or images of the type of designs they have seen on the internet to give us a better idea of what they are looking for. Any thing you send us will help..

Once we have this information we give you a quote based on the estimated time it will take to prepare, design and complete the art work for you. Payment is made up front and then the project begins.

I already have a tattoo. I want to add to it. Do you offer this service?
Yes. Simply send good quality digital images. Your tattoo design will be carefully looked at and a response sent to you to determine whether it can be done.

Turn Around or Completion time
Our turn around time is 7-14 days Note this is subject to general workload volumes. If any case you will be contacted if it will take longer. As soon aspayment is confirmed you will receive a tentative date for when you should expect to receive your art files.

How do I pay?
We have three methods of payment:
Payment option One Credit Card
You will receive an email from PayPal giving you instructions of how to go about making payments online with a credit card.

Payment option Two Money Transfer
You will receive an email on how to go about making payment through Western Union Bank.

Payment option Three NZ Bank account
New Zealand Bank account (for NZ residents only)


To make your design enquiry please select the following contact button

















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