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Tattoo Users


If you are wanting a tattoo it is important you understand the correct procedure of how to take it to the next step after downloading.

Every attempt is made to ensure you get the highest quality design available. You will receive two images, one full colour image and the second, a line drawing. It is the line drawing that will mostly be used by your tattoo artist.

You can drag and drop your image file into your hard drive or where ever you want to place it. The image file can be printed from your printer to the size you prefer and saved to a disk.

The following information outlines important factors when wanting to turn your design into a tattoo and how to go about getting it done.

Applying Your Tattoo
To apply the tattoo to the skin, your tattoo artist needs a clear reference of the design. This is usually done using a line drawing. The line drawing is the blue print for the actual tattoo.

Line Drawings
The tattoo artist may sketch the design out directly on the skin (freehand) or create a carbon paper copy (thermo fax) using your design which he is then able to press to the skin using a liquid revealing the imprint of your tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Methods
Tattoo artist methods vary from one person to the other, but almost all of them use a stencil or line drawing as a blue print to communicate your design to the skin. Some use a pen before applying the ink.

Design Sizes
The downloadable designs you receive from us are scaled to a size so that you get the best detail possible. You can scale your design to your preferred size by using your printer and design software

Your Skin Your Canvas
It’s important you understand the limitations of a tattoo and the nature of how skin reacts to ink. The skin is a living organism and changes over time.

Because of the properties of skin, ink may fade and spread over time, however this is dependent on a few important factors such as the skill of your tattoo artist, the design itself and how it is applied.






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