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Culture North

Culture North has provided Māori cultural experiences in the Bay of Islands since 1995 and has twice achieved Finalist Status in the NZ Tourism Awards. The experiences are real, living, authentic Māori culture unique to Northland 'the birthplace of our nation.


Whale Watch

In the South Island of New Zealand lies Kaikoura, an area steeped in Māori history and legend. Off the coast of the village is a marine environment so rich in nutrients that it attracts some of the most magnificent creatures with which we share our planet. Among them the giant Sperm Whale which can grow up to 20 metres



Set amidst a landscape of erupting geysers, hot thermal springs and bubbling mud pools is the living village of Whakarewarewa


Whirinaki Forest Park, Te Urewera

The rainforests of the world are nature's pinnacle of achievement, matched only by their importance as the world's richest storehouses of plant and animal communities.

Maori Tours Kaikoura

Māori Tours Kaikoura is a whanau (family) owned and operated business, set up by Maurice and Heather Manawatu. This is the first Māori Cultural Experience in Kaikoura





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