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Enhance your tattoo

Have you ever thought about adding to your tattoo a tribal design but was unsure how to go about doing this? What about enhancing the design you already have. One advantage about tribal Maori and polynesian designs is they can easily be extended if you know what you are doing. Sadly many attempts to achieve the desired effect ends in a bad tattoo.

Although simple in shape and form,Maori designs can be visually deceiving because of the inter play of positive and negative spaces a challenge even to a seasoned designer. The following sample shows how I added a few parts on to my clients tattoo. It is important for the designer to get an overall feel of the tattoo. The extension must flow with the entire design to produce the desired effect as if it is part of the whole design and not just added on.

The elements and symbols chosen can be sourced from the tattoo itself, it is just a matter of making the right choice and being a little creative, keeping in mind you are wanting to extend and not to add something so as to detract away from the main tattoo. Lastly, it should be noted that this should only be attempted by a proffesional.


The following example shows what is called a souround, where the client wants to keep the old tattoo and incorporate a tribal design all the way around covering the upper shoulder and upper arm based on the element Wai (water theme) A photo is taken of the area, a drawing created and then the final design superimposed over the top.


























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