Questions and Answers

Are you looking for the real deal? Not a meaningless cheap knock off of an inspired Māori and or Polynisian tattoo design your tattoo artist said he could provide. Then you have come to the right place. Let me provide the right solution for you. I will take the guess work out of your tattoo design needs and you dont have to leave your seat. All this can be done and completted on line.

How long have you been doing this work?
Over 20 years.

Do you do the tattoo ink work ?
No.The main service is to consult, create and provide artwork ready tattoo designs customised to each client. All artwork is emailed directly to you.

Why choose you?
People choose me because I offer a service most tattoo parlours and other artists around the world do not have. That is, expertise and an understanding of Māori and Polynisian tattoo art and design.

I dont want a cheap knock off?
I dont want a cheap knock off from the internet. My tattoo artist knows very little about Māori tattoo and said I should contact you.

Can you explain what you mean by your expertise?
Any person can make a drawing or tattoo that looks Māori or Polynesian (cut and paste). These are comonly known as inspired Māori or Polynesian designs, but when it comes to translating what they mean most do not know. As a Māori artist I have an indepth understanding of the culture and language, behind each elements and or symbol and what they represent.

So do you provide a meaning to each design?
Yes I do provide the meaning, one that is authentic and is the genuine deal. This is what makes what I provide unique.

Why do you not put the meanings of your designs up on the internet?
The meanings are personal to each and every person I work with and is the reason I do not share their designs and or meaning on my website.

What information do you need to make my design?
Every person is unique and so every design will be different. Family, friends, love ones, important events, strength, health, healing and so on. A basic breif that covers the most important points of your life is all I require to jump start your design.

What if I am not satisfied with my design?
I am more than happy to make changes and tweaks which is included in the price.

What garrentee do I have?
I offer a 100% money back garrentee through Paypal dispute and resolution center. If you are not satisfied with your design. Please contact me first so I can work with you to solve the situation before this happens.

Can I provide you images or links to websites showing Māori designs I like?
Yes you can. I will not copy the designs, but this will give me a better idea of the style or look and feel you are wanting.

Why can I not see my design first then make payment if I like it.
Unlike a pair of shoes where you can view the product. Art work that has not been created yet is slightly different. I ask for payment upfront as a commitment with a 100% money back garrentee through Paypal dispute and resolution center. If you are not satisfied with your design. It is a process where I will work with you until the job is complette.

Can I see other clients work ?
No. As a rule I will protect your privacy rights which means I will not give away, share or distribute information including the showing of designs to other's with out permission.

When do I contact my tattoo artist?
As soon a you have the art work and changes or tweaks have been completted then contact you tattoo artist.

Do I get to see versions of draft designs or is what I get the final product?
What you receive is the actual artwork in draft in your email. After your feedback together we then discuss further changes and tweaks, all included in the price.

What do I do when I receive my designs?
You will receive the blue prints (original art work) which can be printed, saved on memory card, taken to your tattoo artist or printer copy shop. As soon as your tattoo artist receives the files he or she can let you know the next step. Every effort is made to insure your tattoo provider is given the correct information such as the appropriate images to help with applying your design.

How do I receive my artwork?
I will send your art files as an attachment in your email address in what is called a zip file. This allows me to send many files at once.

Can my tattoo artist make changes to my design ?
Yes. Some designs may require certain adjustments for size and fit. You and your tattoo artist have full creative licenses to make these changes.

Can I use my design as my business logo?
No. Unless you specifically asked for Logo design.

Can I use my design to print thousands of T-Shirts?
For personal use only.

Can my tattoo artist take a photo of my artwork and put it up on the internet?
Caution! Your tattoo artist derives their main income from tattooing and relies on your work being shown. If you do not want people to copy your design which they will, I recomend not to have your tattoo photographed.

Can I sell copies of my design?
No. They are not for re-sale. .

Is it ok for a European to get a Māori tattoo.
Yes it is absolutely ok. I have no problems.By working with me I can garrentee the process will be done correctly.

I already have a tattoo. I want to add to it?
Yes. Simply send good quality digital images. Your tattoo design will be carefully looked at and a response sent to you to determine what can be done.

Turn Around or Completion time
Our turn around time is 7-14 days Note this is subject to general workload volumes. In any case you will be contacted if it will take longer.

How do I make payment?
We have three methods of payment:

Payment option One Credit Card
You will receive an email from PayPal giving you instructions of how to go about making payments online with a credit card.

Payment option Two Money Transfer
You will receive an email on how to go about making payment through Western Union Bank.

Payment option Three NZ Bank account
New Zealand Bank account (for NZ residents only)