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Thomas Scicli-Lauterbach

Born 1951 in Germany, Thomas has a master of Fine Arts degree and is now a New Zealand Citizen who lives and works in the Bay of Islands. Since 1990 his work focuses on the Māori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) His paintings are strong images of today's life of the Tangata whenua (the people of the land) who came from Polynesia. see website


Bronwyn Waipuka Callander

Ko Bronwyn Waipuka Callander taku ingoa, ko Takitimu, Ko Kurahaupo, Ko Horouta aku waka, ko Kahungunu, Ko Rangitane, Ko Ngāti Porou nui tonu aku Iwi, ko Millie Edwards raua ko Tutaiaroa Waipuka-Kingi aku tipuna, Tena koutou katoa.I was born in Masterton, New Zealand in 1972. I have been living in Adelaide since January 2001.

My background training has been a few personal interest courses and art classes at school. I am largely self-taught using my culture and other NZ artists as tools for inspiration. In particular, Robyn Kahukiwa, June Grant and Sandy Adsett.






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