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There are basically two parts to this website. The first part is the directory and is located on the left hand side of this page. The directory consists of links to other websites that promote Māori arts and design. If you have a website it is FREE to have a link to Maori-arts.com. To apply to become listed in our directory go to the directory text link located on top of page. Enter in your information and send. A reply will be sent back to you as soon as we have processed your message through our database.

Membership Area

The second part is the membership area and is for members of Maori arts.com only. To sign up for a FREE membership go to the membership text link located on the black bar of the top page and enter your details on our online form. You can end your membership anytime by selecting the end membership button. You will no longer receive any correspondence from us and your details will be taken off our database.

Your Contact Details

Maori-arts.com understands how important your contact details are. As a member your contact details will remain protected and not given away or sold to third parties and spammers.

Our Contact Details

To make sure the communication process runs as smooth as possible, we have divided the contacts into three sections. For those wanting a general enquiry; select the general enquiry button. For those wanting a design or artwork; select the design button. Members of Maori arts.com also have their own contact button. All enquiries are logged into a database and are listed accordingly to allow us to process each message with ease.

How Do I log Into the Members Area?

Located on every page is the top menu. Simply select the login text link where you will be taken to a login page. Type in your special identification number and password and hey presto! You are inside. You will know straight away when you are in the members area because the look of the whole site will change.

Log Out

If you want to go back to the directory section simply select the Maori arts.com logo and you will be outside the members area but still inside the Maori-arts.com website. You will need to login again if you want to go back to the members section.

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