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Healing Arts

Traditional Maori Healing

This site provides information About Maori Health and highlights the policies, programmes and people Addressing Maori Health. There are introductions to the Maori Health and Disability Service Providers and the Ministry of Health Maori Health Directorate. Also, Maori health Statistics, Publications and Media releases.


Maori Healing Europe

Te Reia Oomai or also called Maori Healing is the natural healing method of the ancient Maori, that has been passed on orally from one generation to the next generation to selected members of the family only.Maori Healing includes body work, which mostly is a deep massage (Romiromi), energetic and spiritual guidance and support (Mirimiri) and the use of the medicine Maori (Maori Rongoa).

Ma-uri Institute

From the very beginning the foundation of the MA-URI Institute grew out of the deep love that Hemi and Katja Fox have for the Knowledge of Huna and the Polynesian Healing Arts. Destiny was calling and in 1990 it was time to listen to that calling.


Aio Healing

In the Māori culture, many believe that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience with the ability to use the powers of nature to heal our selves









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