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The year was 1995. Initially Tiki started marketing his skills as an artist online with his website tiki designs back in the day when few knew what a website was or the internet. "You could count on one hand the number of maori sites" says Tiki. with little information and back ground into Maori arts in general to help define Tiki's work and others with in the Maori arts creative industry. Artists like himself were isolated.

Along came Maori-arts.com, launched in the year 2000 to co-inside with the millennium celebrations, designed to provide information,showcase Māori Arts as a directory. How ever with the many websites now available, today The Maori arts directory has evolved. "I realise my experience as a Maori artist, having been in the creative industry for over 30 years has been helpful to those looking for the right information. Particularly Maori tattoo and design.

I travel extensively through out Aotearoa New Zealand.There is stil a large amount of information one needs to navigate to find what they are looking for. With the Maori arts.com site I am able to help viewers find it, make recomendations, offer advise on artwork, by providing quality, content and information.






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