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The Māori-arts.com website was the brain child of Tiki O'Brien. Initially Tiki started marketing his skills as an artist then Graphic Designer online when very few Māori Graphic Designers were doing this.

Tiki also decided to market some of his art, but soon realized that there was no place to ‘link' from, so he created a site to link from and named it Maori-arts.com

Tiki realized that having his own art in such a site was not enough and so he offered to link to other artists for free in order to increase the popularity of the site, and to help other artists and designers who were facing the same problem.

The Maori-Arts.com website was designed to showcase Māori Arts and help people find Māori art information instantly . It was launched in the year 2000 to co-inside with the millennium celebrations and with a growing membership it now enjoys its position as one of the top Māori art website's in the country.








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