Are you Creative?
Greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand. I hope that 2013 brings you all a happy, healthy and prosperous year.

Life is full of surprises and challenges for all of us but by
adding a bit of creativity into your life can be a tremendous source of energy to draw from. This is why I enjoy designing as it is gives me so much satisfaction and fullfillment especially when it makes others happy.

Maori Proverb
I am reminded by a Maori saying “Kia ora te ma..... kia mate te pango”. In short, Let your light shine for it will dispel darkness.

Showing of Designs
People who are wanting a design often ask to see some examples of designs that I have already completed.

The majority of designs that have been completed for clients will never feature on any of my websites as this protects the privacy of my clients and stops the design from being copied and abused.

Due to the high demand of requests to see examples I will be revealing some of my design work exclusive to MEMBERS only. These will be included in my newsletters.

Article on Maori Tattoo Global Impact
The internet has given people direct access to images and information they could not find anywhere else, particularly Maori tattoo designs.

The endless assortment of styles, such as mixed Polynesian with Samoan and Hawaiian is just the tip of the ice burg for more on this article


Newly Weds
Newly weds Donna and Shannon celebrated their wedding wearing not a ring but a Tiki designed armband. Shannon wore his armband on his left upper forearm and Donna on her right.

As part of the ceremony both armbands were covered then unveiled together to reveal the design using symbols of love and unity.

The idea came about based on the concept that when they are together holding hands or lying next to each other, both armbands would unite as one as a symbol of their eternal love.
I wish the very best for Donna and Shannon for the future.


I Love My Feet
A human foot and ankle is a strong, mechanical structure containing around 26 bones up to 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments. This means they make up one quarter of all the bones in your body.

With this in mind feet deserve more care and attention particularly
when it comes to turning them into a work of art.

Getting a design for your foot or feet is becoming a very popular choice for women while men prefer the lower leg or calf muscle.
A design on the foot will always attracts attention.


The 3/4 Sleeve
The most popular by far for men when it comes to getting a Maori tattoo is the half sleeve. The sample shown is a Polynesian mix Hawaiian, Samoan and Maori as requested.

Featuring shoulder blade section. Whatever your preference, there are always many options to consider.


Lower Leg
Another popular design for men is the lower leg full wrap This design wraps fully around the bottom leg from bottom of knee to ankle. It is a large design and covers a wide area.

You can ether have this design on your right or left leg or both depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions
I am constantly asked questions about Maori design and tattoo. We will post these questions for all of our readers to see and I will do my best to provide you with answers.

Is my design still a Maori design if it is inked by a non Maori person?
Yes, if it is a design created by Tiki it is definitely a Maori design.

What is kirituhi?
Kirituhi means drawing on skin and applies to both a Maori inspired and Maori tattoo design.

Can you do me a design exactly like ‘the Rock’ ‘Robbie Williams’ or ‘Rhianna’
No. People often send in photos and images of the designs of others. These may be used as a guide, but a design will be created to meet your particular needs.

Is there a website about Maori design meanings?
There is no complete guide to Maori designs and their meanings. When you get a design from Tiki it will be customized to meet your needs.

Mauri ora canvas or poster print
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Free gifts
We have updated versions of two screen savers based on two famous artists who came to New Zealand to paint old time Maori wearing the traditional MOKO. Available now in the members website or you can access them here.

Charles Frederick Goldie, OBE (1870-1947) was a well-known New Zealand artist, famous for his portrayal of Māori dignitaries

Gottfried Lindauer, also known as Gottfried or Bohumir Lindaur (5 January 1839 – 13 June 1926) was a New Zealand artist of Czech descent. Many prominent Māori chiefs commissioned his work, which accurately records their facial tattoos, clothing, ornaments and weapons.

Pimp my tattoo
Have you ever thought about adding to your tattoo a tribal design but was unsure how to go about doing this? What about enhancing the design you already have. GOHERE

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